Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Floating Spirits / Silent Strangers - Devoured By Saturn [S27-085]

01 The Fall of Poseidon
02 Athena's Birth
03 Communication With The Sirens
04 Foresight Through Gaea
05 Hyperion Shadows

06 Cerebus
07 In the Elysian Field
08 Throne of Human Flesh
09 Cocytus
10 Atlas, Liberation
11 Devoured By Saturn

Floating Spirits side produced by Nathan Story

Silent Strangers side produced by Christopher Lombardo,
Mastered by T. Ferrans

Download The Album Here:
Floating Spirits / Silent Strangers - Devoured By Saturn [S27-085]

"Redefining emotion through music"

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  1. Hey guys,
    I heard one of your songs and thought it was free to use so i used it in my video. Then i saw it was non-commercial, i dont really know what is commercial and not so I thought i would just contact you and ask your permission anyway. Im not a company or anything, i just made a video for a site called Indiegogo to try and get an editor to publish my first book. The song went along great with it, but if theres any problems i can try and find another one..Just Please get back to me soon, im anxious to get the video out there, ive been up all day and night. All the best. Nick
    PS. the song was called Hyperion Shadows.
    PPS. the video is like a fundraiser, but i dont really have any intention of making money off of your songs.. they are just softly playing in the background... contact me at donteversearch@yahoo.com and let me know please...


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