Monday, November 22, 2010

Vektroid - Telnet Erotika

After a few months hiatus playing old computer games, Vektordrum decided to do some "reformatting" of there own. They have placed this new Alias upon the world & came up with this 5 track release.
These ambient flowing structures pulsate to your heart & soul....and beats lay throughout the structures in ways only Vektordrum can! 
As a friend to the now Vektorid I hope you download this EP & know there is more in store for the future.
Please also take the time to visit their Website (link below) & let them know personally what you think of their tracks.

"It's an early piece and that I hope this is as evocative for them as it is for me to listen to. I sincerely hope you get that "early days of the world wide web" vibe from it at least once throughout."  -Vektordrum

Download the EP here:
Vektroid - Telnet Erotika

Vektordrum SITE:

"Redefining emotion through music"

Friday, November 12, 2010

[S27-054] Transmit

"This is a foray into what we call "maximal" dub with ethereal soundscapes, the record crackles and hisses along with just the right amount of rhythm without detracting from its chilled atmosphere. Perfect for both sunshine and late night listening."  -SECTION27

Download My Debut LP Here:

"Redefining emotion through music"

[S27-043] We Are One

"To celebrate our first year as a label, Section 27 - with the help of 51 artists both on S27 and friends of our label - have put together this mighty fine compilation that spans a very broad pallette of electronic sounds. Clocking in at 270 minutes, this is our gift to thank all who have supported us along the way. Here's to another year! x"   - Section 27

Download My Netlabel Debut Here:

"Redefining emotion through music"