Thursday, November 8, 2012

[SHC005] Floating Spirits - The Sky Painter EP

 [SHC005] Floating Spirits - The Sky Painter EP.
     Dusted off my shelf at home & plucked this from the back.
This release was originally slated to be released under my mates from Las Vegas, NV @ Factory918Recordings. I got to antzy with it & it needed to come out.

The Sky Painter EP is a four track collective that is for the daydreamers out there. Paint your picture, be aware...empathy...stop & take a, those are the ideas behind each of these tracks.
The EP is very dynamic in its range, perfect for closing your eyes & releasing tension!
I hope you enjoy these as much as i enjoyed making them.

- Cover art made by my dear friend Elliot M Bain.
- Floating Spirits - The Sky Painter (Video):
- Remix Tools available for each track, by request only....
  - here: [SHC005] Floating Spirits - The Sky Painter EP
  - Direct download [full zip]:  [SHC005] Floating Spirits - The Sky Painter EP

"Redefining emotion through music"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[S27-100] Sectioned v3.0

 Celebrating our 100th release and our 3rd year of releasing and supporting underground electronic music from all corners of the world.
Many thanks to those involved and long may we continue. Enjoy!
***Please note: For an unknown reason one track is missing from the above zip downloads, to get it please CLICK HERE
S27 x

Release info & Album info here:

 "Redefining emotion through music"