Thursday, April 28, 2011

Organic Sessions

My debut EP for the Pavillon36 Recordings label.
An experiment of crunchy organic textures & heavy beats.
The EP ends with a track (To Me) I had lost contact with many years ago, The loop
laid dormant hidden in a folder since 2004.
Through dub vibes & ambient glittery sound-scapes this release tells
tales of emotion. Enjoy my Organic Sessions.

*** Cover Art by: Elliot M Bain ***

Download the EP here:

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"Redefining emotion through music"

Monday, April 4, 2011

[S27-069] Sectioned V2.0

"Celebrating the 2nd year of all things S27, this super-size compilation was lovingly created by the artists and friends of the label. Containing many diverse styles of electronic music, it serves as a document of the sounds that have come from Section 27 since its inception back in April 2009, and also covers the sounds of the coming months ahead. The album has also been split into chapters known as "Quadrants 1-4" each with their own sound and atmosphere. Many thanks to everybody involved in this project and we hope you share and enjoy it. Play loud." - S27

Download the release here:

"Redefining emotion through music"